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Quality Audits

Internal quality audits:
Every year all facilities are reviewed on their compliance to the Life Healthcare quality management system, as well as their effective functioning in overall quality management and leadership responsibilities. Internal audits see a joint responsibility between operations (management at hospital level) – who complete a compliance audit against set criteria, and head office functions which review and verify the results.

External audits:
These audits are conducted by an external certification body and are in line with ISO 9001 requirements. They independently review whether the group conforms to the ISO 9001 standard as well as to its own standards. All Life Healthcare facilities undergo an external audit once in a 3 year cycle. The group’s multisite ISO 9001 certification extends to all acute hospitals, day clinics, acute rehabilitation and mental health facilities, and most recently, the life college of learning.

Department of health national core standards:
Life Healthcare has been successfully working towards incorporating these core standards into our internal audit methodology.