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Health and Safety - Life Healthcare Group

The concept of health and safety underpins our culture and all that we do at Life Healthcare. The Occupational Health and Safety Act (no 85 of 1993), and its regulations, are seen as the minimum requirement together with other applicable legislation - such as the National Health Act (Act No. 61 of 2003) and the Pharmacy Act (Act No. 53 of 1974). In line with the legal requirements the Life Healthcare chief executive officer and his management team fulfil all duties bestowed upon them in the legislature.

In addition to this the Life Healthcare strategic vision is strengthened by its commitment to governance with integrity and compliance to health and safety principles – as is evident in our quality and environmental policies

Our employees play an integral role in creating and developing the safety culture in our facilities and contribute to a safe environment for our patients, staff and members of the public. To this end, our compliance to the occupational health and safety act extends to health and safety committees, the nomination and training of health and safety representatives and the undertaking of monthly inspections and reporting of hazards by these representatives. One of the key responsibilities of the health and safety committee being to escalate major risks to management - for attention and action.

Life Healthcare drives preventative action via the risk assessment and alert (also known as potential or near miss incidents) reporting processes. In addition all incidents are reported, investigated, analysed and monitored to identify trends and to ensure the health and safety of our staff, patients, the public, equipment and property. Investigators of incidents are appointed and formally trained to manage the investigation process within their areas of responsibility.

All reported incidents are categorised according to severity and are reported to different levels of the organisation – including to the chief executive officer if required. This ensures that appropriate corrective action is taken. The quality department at head office, together with relevant stakeholders, monitors the incident numbers and trends of hospitals against agreed objectives and targets at regular intervals. Results are reported to executive management on a quarterly basis. These objectives and targets are reviewed annually to ensure continual improvement.

Please see Life Healthcare’s latest Integrated Report under the Investor Relations tab for details regarding the group performance against these objectives and targets.