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Clinical Outcomes

For the most part, patients entering a healthcare facility do so to address a health issue. They wish to move from an unwell state to a better and ultimately well state, most of which will take place within the hospital confines. For this reason it is imperative – for the sake of the patient – that this occurs as effectively and efficiently as possible.

In the interest of achieving this, Life Healthcare has implemented a number of clinical outcomes measures which monitor the effectiveness and efficiency of the clinical care that is delivered. In so doing it provides the Group with the ability to benchmark its results against competitors locally and international banchmarks, as well as opportunities to improve aspects of its care.

Current clinical outcomes measures and initiatives:

  1. Healthcare associated infections in line with international measures
    1. Ventilator associated infections
    2. Surgical site infections
    3. Catheter associated urinary tract infections
    4. Central line associated blood stream infections
  2. Cardiac excellence program
  3. Patient reported outcomes measures
  4. Antimicrobial stewardship
  5. Venous thrombo-embolism risk assessment and prophylaxis
  6. Neonatal and obstetric care