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Cape Town 7405
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Restoring quality of life – the right choice for acute physical rehabilitation

Life Vincent Pallotti hospital is centrally located in the leafy suburb of Pinelands, Western Cape and is a specialised healthcare service dedicated to treating and rehabilitating clients who have become acutely disabled by a stroke, major trauma, brain injury, spinal cord injury, or by complex orthopaedic, neurological or medical conditions.

Our facilities

The Life Vincent Pallotti Clinic offers:

  • A 36 bed adult rehabilitation unit
  • A fully equipped adult therapy gym
  • Therapy areas for practicing daily life skills (such as cooking, bathing and grooming etc.).
  • Outdoor therapy areas which offer wheelchair dexterity training.
  • Outdoor recreation area and tranquil garden.
  • An in-door heated pool where patients can enjoy aqua-therapy.
  • Coffee shop for clients and visitors.

Our inter-disciplinary team

Life Vincent Pallotti hospital employs a comprehensive team of healthcare professionals dedicated to providing coordinated and expert services to clients and their families.

The team includes:

  • rehabilitation doctors;
  • nursing staff;
  • physiotherapists;
  • occupational therapists;
  • speech therapists;
  • psychologists
  • social workers; and
  • a dietician.


The unit offers interdisciplinary in-patient and out-patient rehabilitation services. The treatment has a strong focus on functional rehabilitation with the view of maximising the quality of life for our clients and facilitating their reintegration into society. Rehabilitation programmes are available for clients with the following conditions:

  • Injuries: spinal cord injuries (SCI); traumatic brain injuries (TBI); burns
  • Strokes: cerebrovascular accidents (CVA); sub-dural haemorrhages; sub-arachnoid haemorrhages
  • Neurological disorders: Guillain Barré syndrome; multiple sclerosis
  • Neurosurgical conditions: resected tumours; aneurysms
  • Orthopaedic conditions: complicated joint replacements; spinal surgery; amputations

Specialised services offered

  • FES (functional electrical stimulation): uses the application of small electrical charges to trigger muscle contractions. Some of the applications of FES includes managing pain, improving strength of muscles and lifting the foot to improve walking.
  • AAC (alternative and augmentative communication) clinic: We have direct access to an AAC specialist.
  • Im-Able: the Im-Able exerciser is a gaming device which is used to improve and re-train upper limb function, balance, memory and concentration.

The right choice for acute physical rehabilitation

  • Some of South Africa’s most experienced rehabilitation doctors and therapists work at LifeHealthcare. Evidence based therapeutic interventions are applied early and intensely in order to improve client outcomes.
  • Life Rehabilitation can prove on-going increases in clinical outcomes (for client) and efficiencies (for funder) across rehabilitation units and across diagnoses. Life Healthcare is the only provider in South Africa holding a license for and using what is arguably considered the best clinical outcomes measurement tool FIMTM/ FAM (UDSMR USA).
  • Through our annual continuing professional development programme our passionate and experienced team are skilled with the latest knowledge in the field of neuro-rehabilitation.
  • The billing process utilises a global tariff structure (clients pay one daily fee for all therapies, not per therapy session), which offers value for money with no extra hidden costs.
  • Life Vincent Pallotti Rehab is a designated service provider for several medical aids. The unit accepts clients on any approved medical aid as well as private patients.

Referral and admission process

Clients can be admitted to this rehabilitation unit as soon as they are capable of active participation in a structured rehabilitation programme. Rehabilitation admission consultants are available to assist with this admission process and liaise between the referring doctor(s), treating doctor, the family, medical aids and the rehabilitation team.

Doctors, case managers, medical aids and family members are all able to refer clients to the unit.

  • The rehabilitation admissions consultant will conduct a functional and screening assessment of the client, within 24 hours of receipt of the referral.
  • Contact will be made with the family of the client to inform them of the rehabilitation request and provide them with further information about physical rehabilitation and our facility.
  • A comprehensive assessment report will be sent to the medical aid requesting authorisation for rehabilitation within 24 hours from assessment. The report will also be sent to the referrer.
  • The referrer and family will be informed when an authorisation has been granted by the medical aid.

Important information to note before referral can take place

To ensure continuous medical care – please note the following:

  • The client should be stable in a general ward for 24 hours prior to the transfer taking place.
  • The client should have a glasgow coma scale (GCS) score of at least 8/15.
  • The client should be weaned off ventilation prior to transfer to our facility.
  • Central venous pressure (CVP) lines should be removed, where possible, prior to transfer so as to reduce risk of infection.
  • A letter of motivation from the doctor may be required.
  • Medication used in hospital, chronic medication, to take out medicine (TTO) and a script should accompany the client upon transfer.
  • A transfer letter should be compiled and sent to the unit.

Life rehabilitation network

Life Rehabilitation, the only ISO 9001:2008 group-certified rehabilitation network in South Africa, offers acute, outcomes-driven physical and cognitive rehabilitation for clients disabled by stroke, brain or spinal trauma and other disabling injuries and conditions, including pulmonary, orthopaedic and paediatric rehabilitation. Life Rehabilitation forms part of the Life Healthcare Group, which is a JSE-listed company operating 63 private healthcare facilities in South Africa

Since its inception in 1997, Life Rehabilitation has grown to become the largest provider of acute rehabilitation services in South Africa and Africa as a whole with seven centres, a total of 265 beds and more than 400 healthcare and rehabilitation professionals including some of the most respected acute rehabilitation doctors and therapists in the country.

Life Vincent Pallotti Rehabilitation unit opened in October 2010. We have a further six acute rehabilitation units spread throughout South Africa. These units are:

  • Life Entabeni Hospital in Berea, Durban;
  • Life Eugene Marais Hospital in Les Marais, Pretoria;
  • Life Pasteur Hospital in Hospitaalpark, Bloemfontein;
  • Life Riverfield Lodge in Nietgedacht, Fourways;
  • Life St Dominic’s Hospital in Southernwood, East London; and

For more information on other facilities in the Life Rehabilitation network please contact the national office on 011 219 9620.

For further information on Life Vincent Pallotti Rehabilitation unit or information about our therapy programmes please contact the practice manager on 021 5065362. Alternatively, e-mail your query to

Life Vincent Pallotti Hospital
Alexandra Road, Pinelands, Cape Town, 7405
Tel: 021 506 5111

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