Sprains and strains

Sprains to ligaments are very common. The injury can cause bruising and swelling to develop in the affected area. The pain and discomfort may sometimes persist for some weeks from the time of injury, but should improve steadily.

An x-ray may or may not be necessary to assess your injury. The treatment recommended is to wear the elastic bandage provided. This should be removed at night and can be removed if you are able to rest with your limb elevated. It should be re-applied when you are up and about.

Minor strains are best treated by gentle exercise to prevent stiffness. You should take recommended painkillers regularly to relieve discomfort.

The application of an ice pack for 25 minutes every few hours may help to reduce the bruising and swelling.

If we made no arrangements to see you again and the pain persists, return to the trauma unit or contact your own General Practitioner (GP).